LUTINE in the US (Eng)

On February 13th, for Valentine’s Day and for the 10th anniversary of Poly Cocktails, an event by Open Love NY, they had a big party in New-York, where they chose to screen LUTINE, in the presence of my friends Meta and Thomas, who star in the film and have been living in New York for a few months. The screening was organized by Lisa Mackie and presented by Chrissy Raymond Holman, from Open Love NY. I was also happy that Leon Feingold – who gave the Ted talk about polyamory – could finally see the film as well, along with his wife.
I was told it was a beautiful screening and people really appreciated the film! Yeah!

logo_small_olnySome of the reviews that people wrote to me then:

It was a gorgeous documovie. Thank you for the opportunity.
       Chrissy Raymond Holman, Openlove NY

Well done, funny and insightful.
      Denis Akyurek, Hacienda Villa in Brooklyn, NY

(Some more reviews in English.)

I thought that was a good opportunity to write down a reminder of all the US screenings of LUTINE up to now… and I hope we’re going to have so many more!

Beyond the Love

This is what Dr. Naas-Lattanzio wrote, who then programmed it in Rochester:

LUTINE approaches polyamory in a fresh, perceptive, and intelligent manner. The innovative director, Isabelle Broué, makes surprisingly apt parallels between the creative process behind film making and the exploratory, personal experience of learning about lifestyle alternatives and delving into one’s sexuality.

Conference BerkeleyIMG_6726Dawn Davidson from Love Outside the Box wrote:
I loved it! Funny, touching, educational, surprising… I want everyone to see it!


  • On Pride Day, Pepper Mint, Jade Jossen, Ron Young and Kato Cooks from the Black and Poly group organized a screening in Oakland at the New Parkway Theater for their Polyamory in Pictures monthly event. We had a live Skype session with the audience on the big screen right after the screening: : so much fun!


This is what Dossie Easton told me then:

« Thank you, the movie is beautiful, it’s wonderful. Thank you for reading from La Salope éthique. One of the things I liked about the movie is that you talk a lot about the things people are afraid of. (…) So it’s a good stuff, really good stuff, thank you. Beautiful movie, thank you. »

So… which city or poly event is next? If you’d like to organize a screening, wherever you live, just get in touch with me at

From Paris, with love and lovingkindness,

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