A director is filming a documentary on polyamory:
somewhere between documentary and fiction,
she takes risks and she cannot always measure the consequences…

Will her sweetheart be able to stand up to the challenge of polyamory?
Will she finish her film?

You’ll find out the answers…
by helping her to distribute the film
directly here via HelloAsso

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Polyamory (or “lutinage”, “polyamour” and « polyamorie » in French) is the freedom to explore multiple intimate relationships (romantic or not, sexual or not) with the full knowledge and consent of each partner.

Developing this freedom within a relationship leads to many discussions. There is not one particular method to follow, but rather situations that require constant reevaluation and reinvention depending on each partner’s expectations, desires, needs, and limitations.


As a combination of documentary and fiction, the film could be classified as a “UMO”: Unidentified Movie Object! 😉

On the one hand: a comedy about a female director who plays with fire by testing out polyamory on her own relationship. On the other hand: a serious, poised, and thought-through documentary with speakers who have reflected on the topic or who live it everyday. Between the two, a grey area in which fiction gets entangled with reality.

I wrote, conceived, and designed it to be filmed in extremely lightweight conditions (made possible by filming with a Canon 5D), and to be funded by a collaborative effort.


We finished the film two years after the first fundraising campaign in 2013: we shot it, edited it and mixed it for 12000€ – sounds like a miracle, even to me!

Still… it’s one thing to give birth to a baby… another one to help it walk its first steps into the world. It takes time… and money! Festivals, DVD, screenings… all this costs in reality more than the making of the film itself!

You can contribute directly via HelloAsso.

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I am a director with a degree from FEMIS, the French national cinema school. I have directed numerous short and medium-length films, including:  A corps perdu (Boundless), selected by La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival; Henri Cartan, mathematician, a 52-minute documentary; Paris-Deauville, a TV film for Arte; and a feature film called Tout le plaisir est pour moi (The Pleasure Is All Mine, French DVD edition with English subtitles!), with Marie Gillain, released in theaters in 2004, which drew more than 200,000 spectators.

I decided to work on this extra-ordinary and somewhat risky project, with new lightweight technical methods corresponding to the nonstandard budget of this project, because I believed in it.

Polyamory is a subject that concerns, and more often than not disturbs, everyone – since it puts into question many certainties considered “natural” about relationships, love, jealousy, fidelity, exclusivity – or non-exclusivity.

Join us in this adventure and contribute to our coming out to the world!

With love and lovingkindness from Paris,


PS. People often ask questions about that word « LUTINE »: where does it come from and what does it mean?
It is an equivalent of « polyamory » in French, coined by the author Françoise Simpère: it comes from the old French verb « lutiner », meaning « to charm » or « to seduce ». « Lutin » – and « lutine » – also means « elf » or « imp », as the inhabitants of a somewhat parallel world, sometimes facetious.