OpenCon in Catalonia (Eng)

For the second year, LUTINE was screened at the International OpenCon Catalonia, and once again, this week-end has been a total delight. Imagine this huge guest house in the Catalan country with a big garden and a swimming pool, and about 60 poly people from all over the world, meeting to talk about polyamory and participate in workshops that are proposed and organized by the participants themselves…

People from: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UK, Finland, Poland, Rumania, Australia, Argentina, Brazil… and maybe other countries that I wasn’t even aware of. Amazing…

The workshops and group discussions were varied and creative as well as very powerful for most of them, and once again, what made them so precious was the absolute implication and authenticity of the exchanges: everyone was totally sincere and willing to share his/her emotions with the rest of the group. Emotions such as laughter and tears were always welcome and whenever someone encountered a difficulty and started crying, he or she was immediately surrounded by several persons offering a hug.

Incredible to see how so many people who for the most part didn’t know each other on the Friday, seemed to be so familiar and close on the Sunday. It felt like family. A conscious and chosen family, sharing the same values and aspirations for love and lovingkindness.

Polyamory without frontiers.

As a bonus and totally adding to the excitement, the meals were prepared with maestria from Brian and his collaborators from Barcelona, all vegan and mostly without gluten: absolutely delicious, and making us all happy to sit together sharing moments of joy.

Have a look at the two days program:



I also attended a « 8-hands-massage workshop » that turned out to be a… 14 hands massage in the garden at sun set with the birds singing… Heaven on earth while receiving, so much fun and emotion while giving, like a coordinate dance on someone’s body. So touching.

I just can’t wait for next year’s edition!

With love and lovingkingness from Paris,
still high on oxytocin,


PS. Read here my last year article on the 5th International OpenCon Catalonia.

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