LUTINE in Asia (Eng)

I’m excited to inform you that LUTINE subtitles are being translated into… traditional Chinese by a group of poly and LGBTQI+ people in Taiwan – since they’d like to show it in Taipei as well as in other cities in Taiwan. They have already translated the trailer, as you can see here!

The film title has become: 繁體中文
and this is an excerpt of what you can read on the Chinese page on the film website:

片名“Lutine”在法文中是多重關係(polyamour)的同義字。曾經出版過《愛上好幾個男人》(Aimer plusieurs hommes, 2004)和《多重關係入門手冊》(Guide des amours plurielles, 2009)的法國女作家Françoise Simpère,從舊式法文動詞“lutiner”(調戲、勾引婦女)衍生創造出lutinage一詞。

I’m having so much fun with the whole process! Thank you Yen-Hsiu!


I’m also happy and proud to let you know about a screening of LUTINE that took place in… Bangalore, India, on March 25th. We had a Skype session with the audience to answer a few questions about the film and polyamory and I loved it! The organizers are thinking about screening it in other cities in India, starting with Bombay. I’m so excited about all that!




Here are a few notes that the people kindly wrote to me after the screening. Thank you all!
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If you too would like to organize a screening of LUTINE wherever you are in the world… please contact me at

With gratitude, love and lovingkindness from Paris,


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