Hello, I am Isabelle Broué, here to present you the film I wrote, directed and played in: LUTINE.

LUTINE (meaning « poly » in French) is a feature film that has been entirely made with the help of more than 300 persons who have believed in it, and participated in it either creatively or financially.

We made a film which we’re proud of, it makes us laugh and think, and we’d love to share it with you, and with the largest audience possible.

LUTINE tells about a different way to live relationships, and has been made outside the movie industry. Its distribution will likely be different as well.

So if this « thinking outside the box » touches you, interests you, thrills you… please help us distribute the film, talk about it, invite your friends, or even… organize a screening wherever you are!

And of course you can still participate and help us financially via Paypal.

With love and lovingkindness from Paris,

PS. People often ask questions about that word « LUTINE« : where does it come from and what does it mean?
It is an equivalent of « polyamory » in French, coined by the author Françoise Simpère, out of the old French verb « lutiner », meaning « to charm » or « to seduce ».
Also, she created the nouns « lutin » and « lutine », meaning « elf » or « imp », as the inhabitants of a somewhat parallel world, sometimes facetious or mischevious.